Good Karma

Lunch with Karsang and his wife Jangmu Sherpa, friends for 26 years. Karsang has very good karma. In September he was traveling back from Tibet in a Jeep with 5 other staff who were working on a Mt Kailash pilgrimage. The Tibetan driver had been drinking the night before and was likely still a bit intoxicated resulting in the land rover going off the road (ya one of those high Himalayan roads you see on TV), rolling the Jeep numerous times over the cliff into the river. Miraculously they all swam out of it and survived. He does have a bad leg as a result but will probably heal well.

Happy to have this lunch today reminiscing experiences Karsang and Tim have had together over the years taking care of everyone and the epic departures to get gear and themselves out of the mountains after all the clients are gone. These stories make climbing Everest sound insignificant.

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