Tihar Festival

Photo: Jamie Aran, Durga’s son is the handsome tall in stripped blue (right bottom) typically in the back of photos.

My day with Durga Aran and his family:

Durga is the youngest of 8 who once lived in a beautiful rural village where he a so many more today have no access to education. Today he and Fionna work changing that for other rural children giving them a chance through First Steps Himalaya at which they are co-founders/directors. Donations are helping make this all possible, providing funds for training and paying local teachers and building earthquake safe earth bag schools in rural Nepal.

We had special guest on this trip – Jamie Aran, Durga’s son. He towers over his Nepalese cousins and his dad for that matter. Jamie has grown up in New Zealand with his parents and twin sister. It was a true pleasure getting to know this young man. I was most impressed with his keen interest and knowledge in world politics. Durga and Fionna have travelled with their children a quite a bit. It has proven to be a very worthwhile investment. We all look forward to watching the future of Jamie Aran unfold.

Photo: Evidence of the cracks from the earthquake remain in the walls in Durga’s family home.

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