Part 2 – After the build!

Dinner with Nepali music and good-byes to those who are homeward bound or off to destinations beyond Nepal. Many good friendships were made here, as they always are in this beautiful country.

Seven team members are off on a short trek in Annapurnas starting yesterday. Just as we arrived at the lobby to meet our bus I was handed the morning newspaper headlined “Bus crash!! 36 dead and more missing, maybe up to 50 dead” the buses are always way overloaded so 50 would possible. The crash was on the same road we were taking this morning to Pokhara. It drove off the road into the Trisulu river. A few text messages started to ring out on my phone alerting me to post on Facebook that were all ok, it wasn’t us! However later that morning we passed the carnage and were very much saddened to learn that the driver had been drinking. These roads are some of most dangerous in the world never mind attempting them while intoxicated. Just terrible.

The weather is amazing. We’ve been blessed with beautiful blue skies and perfect 26c to 30c temps.

I’m hanging out in Pokhara doing my travel agent thing searching out the best places to stay and eat for the trek team when they return. Steak was their number one request. No horns, minimal traffic, funky establishments, music groove and fresh air. A couple of us plan to hang here for 10 days or more.

Off for a cappuccino lake side Phewa Lake. Back here to wind up this journey soon.

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