The End


Celebrating friendship and saying good-bye to the last stragglers of the earth bag build group who just returned from a short trek in the beautiful Annapurnas.

Last night we enjoyed a fabulous dinner rendezvous with new friends made on the build, and those who also found their way to Pokhara for some fresh air and relaxation. Dave and Dave from the UK, Aussie Matt and Innes from France were among us.

Joining us for tonight’s dinner will be another surprise guest found on the street while having a cappuccino … past Peak Freak climber and filmmaker Dekel from Israel.

Durga Aran and friends of his Nepalese community will be wrapping up the building completing the skim coat at some point painting the outside.

It’s our understanding that next year will likely be a maintenance season for all three projects in the area followed by another build in 2019. We are not certain of the exact plan at this point but you’re invited to stay in touch with First Steps Himalaya to learn more and donate to this very worthwhile and rewarding project. First Steps Himalaya are focussed on improving quality rural education in Nepal including teachers training. Check them out to see what you can do to help.

Durga and Fionna and their projects are the real deal here. It’s been a great experience for everyone involved.

I’ll be working on a short film in the days to come of this journey.

For more: Check in with First Steps Himalaya , also connect with them on Facebook for a great collection of this years photos.

You can also email Tim and Becky Rippel – 

How many people can you get in a mini bus? Pokhara Local Transport

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