Earth Bag School Build 2019′

We are happy to announce that we’ll be going back to Nepal for another Earth Bag School Bag build project. 

Earth Build 2016

  • WHEN:  October 20 to October 27, 2019
  • WHERE: Nuwakot –  Bidur district north of Kathmandu.
  • HOW: With Peak Freaks – Tim and Becky Rippel who will help you get onboard.
  • TEAM: That’s you and your friends and some of ours and another crew from New Zealand.
  • WHY: Because we can and a 3 classroom school is much needed here post earth quake.

The above dates are the dates Peak Freaks will be there putting the roof on, finishing the walls as needed with wire mesh and plaster and cement the floor in. If you have more time you have options to go in earlier, or stay on later to put the final touches on the school.

FUNDS– all donations to help this years project, and to help support teachers training to providing quality rural education in Nepal can be sent to First Steps Himalaya through their donation portal.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank directors Durga and Fionna of First Steps Himalaya for doing the work required with local authorities to get permission to get this build and past builds underway.

We’d also like to thank all the past supporters who offered financial assistance and muscle power, their time and expense to come to Nepal to help make educational opportunities a reality for the children in these devastated regions of Nepal.


bidur nuwakot


Tim and I are organizing a high altitude trek after the build in the Indian Himalayas. To the base camp of mysterious Nanda Devi East.  To learn more, please contact Becky @ peakfreaks@me. com  This trail is considered extreme at times so participation will be limited.

Dates: October 28 (meet in Delhi) trek begin October 30 with optional tours to Taj Mahal and the Golden Triangle.


On the table for 2020- Motorcycle Tour from India to Ladakh. Limited to seasoned riders.

Dates: September 2020






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