Five days before the devastating April 25th 2015 Nepal earthquake, First Steps Himalaya had completed a two room Education & Training Centre using the Earthbag building  method. This method was selected because it is not only low cost and eco-friendly, but is also a highly earthquake resilient building method. The building stood up to not just one, but three massive earthquakes, with only a few superficial cracks in the plaster.  Our earthbag Education & Training Centre was one of the last buildings standing in the area while 95% of other buildings collapsed or were damaged beyond the repair.


After the earthquake here are Peak Freaks, we were desperate to find a way to help those most affected by the devastation. After learning about the earth bag earthquake proof buildings, we were all in to learn and help support these projects. We hitched up with First Steps Himalaya  in support of earth bag building proven to be earth quake safe for schools and homes in the heart of the epic centre…. Sangachok, Nepal.

There is no need to buy bricks, rice bags are super cheap and the soil is right there. It just made sense.