On our way!

Good Karma

Lunch with Karsang and his wife Jangmu Sherpa, friends for 26 years. Karsang has very good karma. In September he was traveling back from Tibet in a Jeep with 5 other staff who were working on a Mt Kailash pilgrimage. The Tibetan driver had been drinking the night before and was likely still a bit intoxicated resulting in the land rover going off the road (ya one of those high Himalayan roads you see on TV), rolling the Jeep numerous times over the cliff into the river. Miraculously they all swam out of it and survived. He does have a bad leg as a result but will probably heal well.

Happy to have this lunch today reminiscing experiences Karsang and Tim have had together over the years taking care of everyone and the epic departures to get gear and themselves out of the mountains after all the clients are gone. These stories make climbing Everest sound insignificant.

Where we’re going.

Our team are all in Nepal now spending a few days adjusting to the 12 hour time change and getting acquainted. Days so far are spent exploring historical sites and testing great cuisine in the streets of Thamel, Kathmandu. Our last two members to complete our team of 12 arrive tonight and we will head out tomorrow morning to the project.

Here’s a video of the earth quake taking place in the area we will be working in:

April 2015 7.8M earthquake.

Earth Quake in Sangachok

We’re out of here tomorrow morning. Doing some provisioning today. Our next update is unknown as internet may not be available.

Peak Freaks build dates 2017′

Our team is currently making their way to Nepal, some are already there exploring popular time tested trails…the Annapurnas and the Langtang region. The rest of us have opted to do our trek in the Himalayas post earth bag build.

We are all looking forward to hitching up with Durga Aran (Co-founder) FSH First Steps Himalaya, Tim reconnected with Durga last year but I haven’t seen Durga in person since the early nineties when he was a waiter at the Potala Guest House.  His son Jamie is with him this year.

Court Construction from Nelson New Zealand is currently on site with a team. Peak Freaks will be on site Oct 19 to 28, 2017

Durga Aran & Tim Rippel – 2016 Earth Bag School Build

All moving forward and upward.




Earthbag School – Rebuild Nepal 2017

Back to Nepal…….

Our bags are packed and we are off to build another earth bag-earth quake proof school in the Sangachok area, the epic centre of the 2015 earth quake.

We are joined this year with another dynamic team of 12 helpers from Canada who will learn and practice the art of earth bag construction and leave behind another rural school.  Our team is from Canada. They are from Nelson & Proctor, Calgary, Penticton, Victoria/Hornby Island and our old stomp – Powder King Ski Village in the Pine Pass. Our group consists of skilled construction workers and others with valuable expertise in various areas. Bluegrass musicians and enthusiasts are among us to keep the rhyme going when things get tough.

Co-founder of First Steps Himalaya, Durga Aran, is currently on site with the first group.  The walls should be erected by the time we get there so our job will be to get the roof on and cover the earth bags sealing the building before winter sets in.

We’ll keep you posted as best we can to follow along. Our connectivity is not known till we get on site.

Becky, Tim and Team

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